Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Game For iPhone

Batman has arrived to your iPhone & iPad with exclusive game based on 2012 superhero film with the same name. Join Batman to protect Gotham City and make it crime free. If you are a fan of Batman comic or movie series, then this movie inspired Batman iPhone game will definitely give you a great challenge in a Gotham, and other locations. Prove your superhero skills in story-based missions, and random events. This action game is ready with stunning graphics that present the dark universe amazingly, so you will feel as if you are in the Gotham City! It’s not that easy to be a true protector, check out you can be or not?        

Different Moves & Thrilling Fighting System
Cinematic Effects
Exclusive Vehicles of Batman
Hidden Items to Collect
Catwoman, Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon

DownloadThe Dark Knight Rises Game From AppStore

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