Friday, September 14, 2012

Google Goggles App for Android - Visual Search Application

Google Inc. brought to you an advanced android app named Google Goggles. The Google Goggles is Image Recognition Android app that is much handy for both personal and professional life. This app brings you a new way to search on your Android Phones, or Android Tablet. Mostly people do web search via typing, or voice. But now with the help of Google Goggles app, you can search webs by taking a photo. Simply open the Google Goggles, then take the photo of object you want to search, and as a result, this app will give you the exact search matching result for your taken object. Say goodbye to typing and get rid of saying words.

Try it for the business card, Google Goggles will quickly recognise the text of business card and will give you the results. Painting, books, landmark info, languages during traveling places (translate), and Barcode / QR code scanner all these facility via visual search technology. Search History option will also help you. It has some limitations, but with upcoming updates regarding to advanced visual search technology, you will boost the results.

Download Google Goggles App Free for AndroidPhone

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