Sunday, September 2, 2012

Several Fruits with plenty of Health Benefits

Current generation believes in Junk food and money fruit. They love Vitamin M (Money). Nothing is wrong in it as one is passion & trend, while the other is necessary to live better life. Due to hard student, or professional life, we become little bit lazy about the health. And the results are before our eyes, so many diseases. As we all know Health is Wealth, then we should be aware for it.

It doesn’t mean, to avoid junk food, pizza, burger, omlet, maskaban, vadapav, sandwich so on completely. Enjoy these foods but keep a habit to eat some fruits daily or two-three days because fruits have plenty of health benefits.

Some people take fruits only when doctors suggested them on the bed of illness. Some middle class & lower class people complaint that fruits are very costly.

Here is the solution. Rapidlifestyle provides you list down of some superfruits, containing different calories, carbohydrates, fibre, Vitamins, calcium, minerals manganese, and potassium. These must have stuffs will keep you far away from many body problems. Eat healthy, stay healthy! But don’t miss junk food with your college or school friends or with colleagues.

All below fruits are not costly. Buy them as per your family’s needs and enjoy fruitful life. Not when it comes to illness when there is no taste to enjoy.


Cut them in real life for your health.

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