Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beyond Act of God - God has been taken to court by Kanji Bhai

2012 Bollywood Film OMG Oh My God! has changed my personal view towards many concepts, questions & doubts regarding to religion. I am not here to only praise this movie, it’s indeed superb concept revealing many facts that existing in modern India.

First things first, OMG movie is not related to any divine or magic of God. Versatile Kanji Bhai - Paresh Rawal, a middle class shopkeeper takes God to court. He didn’t want to do this by any particular publicity stunt, but when it comes to insurance company, which didn’t allow his claim and show him - ‘Act of God’. In return, Kanjibhai sends notices to God’s salesmen who collect the vast fund on God’s name in different religions.    

Each & every comment of Kanjibhai was much effective in court, but in last, he needs on paper proof that God had destroyed his shop. Finally, Lord Krishna, Akshay Kumar gave him ultimate proof through ‘Bhagavad Gita, Quran Sharif, and Holy Bible’. Even family of Kanjibhai also had to face much because of kanjibhai’s fight against God & many money makers using name of God. 

There is much more than above words in this movie. Heads of OMG! Take it positive and help those who really needed rather than God. God is everything and he or she doesn’t require anything expect your true wish, bhav & bhakti. All Gods are equal, and everywhere! Must watch movie, with family!

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