Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gangnam DanceBooth App for iPhone - Dance Like PSY

South Korean musician PSY’s Gangnam style has become current trend. Gangnam DanceBooth App is available for iPhone that allows you to dance like PSY. Of course, you can with the help of Gangnam DanceBooth iPhone Application. Many people have become familiar with the funny Gangnam style when they saw Chris Gayle & other team players of West Indies dancing during the match in this style.

Gangnam DanceBooth iPhone entertainment app is simple to use. Set your photo in place of PSY or your friend or relative or your kid’s photo, decorate it using various costumes and play the video. Also you can record and share your Gangnam style dance video to your buddies. Your kids will love it! Not only Gangnam song, you can also dance along to any songs on your iPhone. 

Download Gangnam DanceBooth Free from iTunes

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