Monday, October 8, 2012

Anxiety Coach iPhone App by Mayo Clinic - Self Help Tool

In our rapid lifestyle, we should not forget out health. Mayo Clinic brings you Anxiety Coach App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, which is self help tool that will help you reduce different fears & worries. It helps in case of extreme shyness to obsessions and pressures.

Having this Health & Fitness iPhone app, you can make a list of feared activities for what this app will guide you how to master them one by one. Further, you can go for library having more than 500 activities proven handy for other people. Track your anxiety & go for progress!       

Advantages: Less fear & worry, while boosting confidence

AnxietyCoach Developed by:
Dr. Stephen P. H. Whiteside (Director of Pediatric Anxiety Disorders Program at Mayo Clinic)
Dr. Jonathan Abramowitz (Expert on adult anxiety disorders at the University of North Carolina)

Download Anxiety Coach from iTunes

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