Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fly with ETIHAD Airways with Never Before Comfort & Style

National Airline of the UAE, ETIHAD Airways welcomes you to fly with utmost comfort & style. To match your requirements in Rapid Lifestyle, this multi-awards winner global airline sets a new benchmark of flying comfort, and that’s a chief reason why more people have switched to Etihad. Its guest travel class such as Diamond First, Pearl Business, and Coral Economy mostly match today’s advanced passengers, including celebrities who are living rapid lifestyle and do not want to compromise while flying!

Another main reason of Etihad Airways’ success is its special holiday packages. Further, Etihad Cargo is all set for your possessions. To make your air travel enjoyable, Etihad applies exclusive loyalty programme. Simply it’s personalised, hospitable & extremely luxurious. Your Rewarding Flight is all set and awaits you!
Flight booking with Etihad is very simple for frequent flyers. For novice flyers at Etihad help is ready. Simply decide origin & destination, the rest facilities will Etihad provide you!

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